South Side Jazz Serenaders


We are in the twenties in CHICAGO. Work conditions are attractive, and many musicians from the South (in particular New Orleans) come to live there and will form great jazz orchestras: at that period, you can hear Louis Armstrong, Johnny and Baby Dodds, Natty Dominique, George Mitchell, the orchestra of Clarence Williams, Sidney Bechet ..., all great musicians, masters to whom a Franco-Swiss orchestra will pay a very agreeable tribute at the end of the twentieth century.

Equipped with a solid experience and a shared passion for the jazz that was played in Chicago during this period, the South Side Jazz Serenaders will transport you to into this unique atmosphere by recreating as well as possible this wonderful music that is so full of enthusiasm.

With their dynamism associated with musical purism, the SOUHTH SIDE JAZZ SERENADERS are regularly presented as one of the best jazz bands in this style. The jury of the "XIXème Compétition Internationale de Jazz New Orleans" of Saint-Raphaël awarded them the first prize in 1999. The international Jazz Contest of Mégève attributed the same prize to them one year later. 

Their last record "Livin' high", recorded at the festival of Whitley Bay in England, won
 high praise.

See also on youtube : Carry me back    and    What a dream

The musicians : 
René Hagmann (cornet, sax alto and baryton, clarinet)
Thomas Winteler (clarinet, sax soprano)
Jean Claude "Lou" Lauprete (piano)
Henri Lemaire (bass)
Pierre Alain Maret (banjo)
Jean Lavorel (washboard, drums)